Latest research from Pew into employee social media usage has shown that just 14% (yes, only 14%) of employees use LinkedIn for work-related purposes and only 3% use Twitter for work-related purposes.

Now this could be for various reasons.  Perhaps employees don't feel they want to use LinkedIn for work - feeling more comfortable splitting work/personal accounts.  Perhaps they don't know how to use LinkedIn and Twitter for professional purposes.

Either way, this latest research shows the massively untapped opportunity that businesses have to mobilise a social workforce.  

What I find slightly more alarming is the fact that only 51% of employees felt they were subject to workplace policies regarding social media.  I'm sure if Pew asked employers the same question, this number would be much higher.   I find it hard to believe in 2016 companies are operating without a social media policy in place.  

This suggests to me that employees are not aware of the social media policy and that organisations need to do a better job of ensuring employees understand the risks associated with operating on social media - for both the protection of employee and the brand they work for.