Influencer marketing is nothing new.  Before social media and bloggers, businesses would do their best to win the hearts and minds of journalists that held influence in publications.  

However, in this new age we mustn't confuse popularity with influence.

This research has shown that as Influencers become more popular e.g. more followers.  Their engagement on social declines as do comment rates.  You could argue that they become less influential.

The point?

Beware the micro-influencer.  The 'not so popular' blogger/tweeter who leads in a niche topic.  They are the go-to person for trusted opinion and thought leadership around specific segments.

Finding these people is slightly more difficult but worth the search.  They tend to have a passionate following and stronger relationship with their community because it's smaller and more engaged.

Tip for your #personalbrand?  Don't chase numbers.  That won't necessarily build your influence.