I'm seeing this a lot.  Sales investing in Sales Navigator but not getting the full utilisation rates from it e.g. not using their allocated InMails, not using the advanced search capabilities to full extend.

On the other side of the office you have marketing investing budget in LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, sometimes even paying for targeted InMails (despite the sales team having unused quotas) and ads to support campaigns.

I'm frequently asked how marketing activities can supports Social Selling.  Well, a new infographic (from LinkedIn) gives us a little glimpse into their data around this very topic. 

For me, the standout metrics are that prospects exposed to Sponsored content are 25% more likely to respond to an InMail from Sales.    

Also, when a LinkedIn member is connected to 5+ employees at your company, they are 5x more likely to engage with your brand content.   

What we're talking about here is true digital activity alignment between Sales and Marketing.  A social business approach that brings Social Selling, Content Marketing and Brand Advocacy together. 

Something I'm pretty passionate about and many of our customers are mastering.  Love it!