A few months ago I joined Tribal Impact as a Social Media Enabler, chatting about all things employee advocacy.  A completely new career path courtesy of a career break (a 'break' that involved bringing twins into the world!), realising that my old corporate world was just no longer going to work for me and retraining with Digital Mums in Social Media, one of the few industries that seems to embrace new ways of working.

Having met Tribal's founder Sarah Goodall, I was very fortunate that she took me on board and I became part of the remote team revolution; something which she wholeheartedly embraces.

For me, and no doubt most Mums (and Dads), working flexibly and remotely is a godsend. I feel like I no longer have to sacrifice either my career or time with my children.

I'm learning all the time on how to work differently but can honestly say it's great ; that's not to say there aren't challenges working on my own but that's why this encouraging guide from Trello on how to build successful remote teams is coming in very handy for our whole team!