We've all been there, working for a company that doesn't seem to give two hoots about its employees. A company which doesn't understand what drives its staff, or simply doesn't do anything to help it's teams grow. Instead leaves most of the employees feeling unwanted, and quite frankly wholly unsatisfied.

Then the inevitable starts happening, people ask the employees about their work place and they tell them how they feel. The employees may never come out and say it bluntly, but those listening will know the truth, they'll read the signs. The company isn't a good one. 

Then they'll be asked by someone whether they should apply to the company, and your employee won't say no but they definitively won't say yes. This bad press could happen in a multitude of ways, but the result will always be the same.  The public brand image of the company will suffer.

This kind of word of mouth can be incredible damaging to a company, especially if this kind of sentiment is shared online. Now imagine the opposite of this happening, employees who feel their company cares about them, employees who turns up to work each day and feels part of the team and who know how they are contributing to the success of their company.

You can envision the types of things they might say to the people who ask them about work, and to those who ask about jobs, and even better what they would say to those online to their large networks. 

The power of the employee can not be underestimated in 2018. So ensuring employees are engaged and part of the team is a top priority. I'm personally very lucky to part of such a team at Tribal Impact, can your employees say the same?