Often when new users approach their social business activities, they focus solely on sharing content which is about what they do, or very industry focused. I can understand why, if you want to build a network of industry peers you need to talk about what you do. However, if you've ever seen an account which simply posts industry post after industry post, you probably found yourself switching off.  

People don't respond well to accounts which behave like robots. Humans respond to human type accounts. It's more natural, more comfortable. We like to relate to people over our shared passions with them. We feel closer to them when we can see their emotions, even it's about the last biscuit in the office being stolen! Our everyday emotions and interests are powerful tools online to help us create new relationships, essentially we bond over being human. 

To combat this lack of humanity on new profiles, I always suggest following some brands and accounts of people you find amusing or inspiring. This can break up your own timeline, brighten your day and most importantly gives you content to re-tweet/respond to, which reminds your network you are human.