A few weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook released new changes. These changes mean that we will see less branded posts in our personal news feeds and MORE posts from friends, family and groups.

Brands have already noticed a drop in reach on their accounts, Facebook has lost $2 Billion in value and dropped its place in the stock market. The recent changes are being dubbed as 'Facebook Armegeddon'.

For brands who leverage employee advocacy in their strategy, this will not be the case. Facebook will be making posts from friends and family, more visible and as your employees will be sharing your business message, the algorithm will work in your favour and more people will see and engage with your posts. 

Making employee advocacy more essential than i was before. 

To help you reach your audience on your Facebook page. Here are two tips:

1) Live streams are now more important than ever for reach. Facebook reports that they can reach up to 6x more people than standard posts.

2) Write authentic content. 

Facebook want Facebook to be a place for 'social interaction' -the new algorithm will be 'increasing the reach' of business posts if they share content for this purpose - i.e. written in a conversational tone and have discussions on the post.

Facebook are demoting posts if they drive inauthentic engagement for i.e. if we use call to actions such as "like" "share" "subscribe" "buy" "comment" "tag a friend" "visit" - Facebook will stop the reach of this post in the newsfeed - this is because many people complained to Facebook & told them they didn't like this type of post.