I wrote about the link between HR and Marketing in 2015 so perhaps I wasn't too far off the mark given this recent post by LinkedIn.  

HR owns the employer brand.  Marketing owns the company brand.  Social media has blurred the lines between this ownership.  Employees are looking for great places to work.  Buyers want to deal with companies that are fully engaged as partners with their business.

The link between the two is transparency and authenticity.  People (whether buyers or potential employees) are looking for an authentic experiences and the people best placed to deliver this, are your employees.  

Employees are the authentic and credible voice of your brand.  When you activate your workforce on social media, you put their brand in front of your logo.  You bring their credibility to buyers.  You bring their authenticity to potential candidates.

The link between HR and Marketing is brand but more than that, it's the "Employee Brand".