Personal Branding... in these days of social media, it's never been more important to be aware of your personal branding.

Not too long ago, we all used to rely on our CV to do the job and possibly, we'd dabbled on LinkedIn and done a little bit of networking.  Roll forward to today and the world has changed.  Without realising it or not, every day we are creating our personal brand online; even if you're only using SM for recreational purposes, your brand is out there.  

LinkedIn today has over 500m users and is no longer just the place to look for jobs; it is also incredibly successful in social selling and indeed, at Tribal Impact, all our customers have come on board via Inbound Marketing.  The traditional sales funnel is rapidly disappearing.

So if you haven't already got your personal brand working for you, take a look at this article with some handy tips on what not to do..