Digital transformation has had huge ramifications on our workplace, creating a true 24/7, digital workplace which has allowed remote working to become common practice. According to the latest statistics from Global Workplace Analytics, work-from-home, full-time positions have grown nearly 10x more quickly than the rest of the workforce, and up to 90%  of employees want to work from home at least part of the time.

Remote employees enjoy a more flexible work-life balance which increases happiness and employee engagement which ultimately has a positive impact on productivity and organisational performance.

There are challenges however, digital collaboration lacks the face-to-face contact and daily development of inter-personal and team building skills which develop naturally in a physical workplace.

How can organisations ensure their remote workforce do not become isolated and lack motivation? The key lies in driving team unity through the many valuable tools at our disposal and also simple team interactions which don't require great investment.  

When organisations get the balance right, they can reap the benefits of engaged, contented and focused remote employees. I personally feel grateful that I am able to work remotely for Tribal Impact, which has successfully established excellent processes to ensure we feel like valued team members.

This post by Remote.Co contains some useful methods to achieve remote team unity.