I really enjoyed reading this Qubist post outlining how Iceland Foods (a retain chain) have empowered staff to talk more about their brand on social media.

What I love most about it is how front line employees (who don't sit at desks all day and are typically disconnected from corporate networks) are involved to passionately "express their ‘why’, both their own purpose and Iceland’s mission."

According to Microsoft, there are an estimated 500-million frontline staff workers around the world in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and other service-related industries. These employees typically don’t have their own office, desk or computer.  That's a lot of "disconnected" employees.

Iceland have introduced gamification into the the program where employees can win badges such as Power of Frozen - integrating the language of their business into an engaging experience for employees.

This is what advocacy should be about.  A fun and engaging way of enabling your wider workforce to become part of the brand experience - not just employees who deliver it.