B2B buying behaviour has changed immeasurably over the last few years, digital transformation has literally turned the decision making process on its head, resulting in savvy, well researched buyers who make their mind up before even speaking to a vendor. 

So what are the consequences on B2B marketing strategy? We clearly have to align to this shift if we have any hope of staying competitive. Traditionally, marketing focused on pushing out corporate messages through outbound campaigns but the digital and social media explosion means that there is a wealth on information out there which influences potential buyers right at the start of the buying journey.

Organisations have to focus on building a superior digital presence at every possible customer touchpoint. All company content (website, webinars, social media platforms, blogs....the list goes on) has to be connected, relevant and use the same authentic voice.

67% of buyers prefer a digital journey so it's important to build a cohesive digital presence and be present early and often in a buyer's journey.

Achieving this is no mean feat, how can we ensure that our B2B social media strategy stands out amongst all the noise and the proliferation of content online?

By driving continuous value to your customers and prospects; making them feel welcome to the customer community by offering guidance, webinars, ongoing training, customer references, upgrades and technical support for example.

Basically, a winning social media strategy focuses on developing and nurturing relationships on your social network in the same way as you would do in real life!

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