Today we had a Tribal first.  Our first 'virtual' gathering using Zoom.  Having worked in virtual teams for my entire career, it really didn't feel like a difficult decision that Tribal Impact should be a virtual company.  

What I loved about the call today was that it wasn't just us.  We were joined by Emma's kids (on inset day), Vanessa's dog, Rachel's cat and Lyn's dog.  It turned into a "bring your pet to work" day.  We had no agenda (it's our first get together) and we just chatted, shared, learned and it was done in 30 mins.  Why can't all conferences calls be like this?

We're lucky enough to have the best talent for the work we do sitting across the UK.  We believe that our team should be free to manage their own time. Some of us work best in the evening - others in the morning.  As long as the job gets done and our customers are pleased, does it really matter?

I always keep a close eye on Buffer since they pride themselves on making this change just last year after closing all their offices down.  They're learning how to build, motivate and communicate across time zones and they're happily sharing their experiences through blogs.

Would love to hear from others managing virtual organisations.  How do you run your team calls?