There is no doubt that social media moves quickly.  It's hard enough for professionals to decipher whether a social platform is on the rise or not.  Whether it's worth investing time to explore or not.  

So think about your employees.  They are being asked to participate in Slack for chat, Jive for collaboration, social for branding, advocacy tools for sharing, CRM systems for recording...this is without measuring the other tools for expenses, purchasing and HR. 

Our employees are becoming blind to digital transformation.  They struggle to understand the benefit of one tool over another.  What they should use one tool for versus another.  

There is a competition for time.  Employees will spend their time in the platform that best serves their role and makes their job easier.  

I'm learning this at Tribal.  I've onboarded (and shut down) more tools than you can shake a stick at but I'm learning to crowdsource advice from the team and what works for them.  Instead of adopting a top down approach, I'm trying to seek to understand what works for the team already.