Not knowing your audience! So you may have your ideal customer personas built out - but - one mistake that is too easy to make is not knowing their search behaviour and interests to really make our content marketing strategy work.

Here are two tools you can use to avoid making this content marketing mistake...

1. Research trending topics on Google Trends

Although tapping into a viral trending topic that is taking the digital world by storm now can be tempting and can give you visibility - it is more effective to create an evergreen blog post strategy around topics relevant to your business that gain interest year in, year out. 

For instance, 

If you are a travel agent you may find that consumers are searching to book a summer holiday in February - making it a perfect time to launch a campaign and optimise and leverage this content for future years.

2. Research customer interests and content they engage with

The Audience Insights within Facebook Ads Manager gives insights into the interests of people who like your page and custom audiences. From here you can find Categories and influencers and pages that fall within these categories. 

Here you have a starting point for analysing the types of content your audience engages with the most. 

EpicBeat is also a great tool for this (click here to check it out)