Instagram Stories and Facebook Page Stories are two recent features that have been bought into the mix in the last year and is predicted to be leveraged more during 2018.

This article, How to Increase B2B Leads with Instagram Stories by Neil Patel shares that Instagram Stories is actually a 'secret weapon' for B2B companies. 

"Traditionally B2B marketing is a bit boring....

After all, business owners are just slightly more sophisticated consumers. All of the same human psychology principles apply to them in the same way they apply to B2C buyers.

Even Shopify argues that B2B selling strategies and B2C selling strategies need not be that different in their article snippet: Give B2B E-commerce the B2C Treatment.

In other words, B2B buyers aren’t necessarily a whole lot different than basic consumers.

And one thing’s for sure. They all hang out on Instagram — business owner or not."

With Instagram Stories now more popular than Snapchat - it opens up a whole new opportunity to reach and build relationships your ideal customers. You can also see who is watching your Instagram Stories too which is good for tracking who is engaging with your content.