I'm fascinated by how teams work and organise to best effect and subscribe to HBR because I find their insights interesting around the topic of trust.

Trust is key to creating successful teams but check out the paragraph below.  Leaders who empower are more trusted.  However, when a leader tries to empower, it can often come across as "delegation".  

Anyone else experienced that moment when you're sat in your review - it goes something like "Sarah, I'd like you to take on more responsibility.  We have a project that's highly visible to board members that we'd like you to be part of."  Immediate reaction? More responsibility and no recognition.  

There's a fine line between empowering and delegating.  The two aren't the same.  I'm at my best when I can go explore and develop what I believe is best for the business.  I try to inspire the same 'go do' ethos within the Tribal culture.  If you feel it would work, go try.  Go do.  Let's test and discover together.