I totally agree with Kerri Malone here about the B2B marketing safe zone called LinkedIn.  I get why brands lean more towards that platform as a priority - it's the right thing to do.  However, other platforms have a role to play when it comes to B2B Digital Marketing.

When it comes to employee advocacy, your employees are active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Whilst LinkedIn will help you access the B2B decision maker, there are a number of influential tactics that surround a purchase decision.

The old adage of "People buy from people" is at its strongest in B2B.  The crafted professional image of a sales person on LinkedIn will surely build trust and expertise credibility.  But what about the company as a whole?  How do you communicate the values and personality behind the brand?  

Engaging your employees to share content with each other and with their networks is key to this missing link.   Think about company away days, CSR days, working at home days, coffee machine comparisons, view from the desk etc.  Encourage community and communicate that personality to your buyers.  It's what makes your brand different, untouchable and human.

Incidentally, we've just started using Instagram at Tribalwhere we're sharing "behind the scenes" of Tribal life :-)