The digital revolution has transformed the way brands need to talk to customers in order to stay competitive. The emphasis for marketing has switched to inbound marketing and relies heavily on ensuring your brand produces excellent content and has a strong digital presence.

Consumers have the all power, they research products and services before even talking to a vendor and brands have to work extremely hard to convince people and win customers. This is only possible by valuable content and a strong brand story. Brands have to be approachable, authentic and relevant.

Possessing a brand story is key and it is vital that this is conveyed clearly and at all touchpoints with the customer. 

72% of marketers say branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine (Business2Community) so we can clearly see how great brand marketing will ensure your audience remembers who you are.

Your brand story has to evoke interest, trust and optimism which are the biggest emotional connections needed to nurture relationships with your audience. 

This post by Branding Strategy Insider is an excellent overview of the key characteristics of a motivating brand story. Thoroughly recommend a read!