The 8th of March marks International Women's Day, but I actually believe it's been more like International Women's Year so far!

This is a day when the issues of women come to the forefront of our minds, where companies focus their campaigns on the plights of women in our communities, which in turn creates conversations. Some powerful stuff. 

With powerful movements such as #metoo becoming a global discussion, it demonstrates the power of social communities have when they come together to support one another. What I love especially is the new focus to push these discussions beyond the kitchen table and to turn them into physical action. 2018 is and will be a year of less talk, and more action.

At Tribal, we have a strong focus on each female tribe member bringing their unique set of skills to the table and taking on new challenges, with our leader Sarah showing us the way at every turn. She defies the odds at every turn and is a great example of how action creates results. 

Let's take today and ask ourselves, what can we change today to make the lives of women better?