LinkedIn has just launched its LinkedIn Content Insights Annual - an assessment of content that trended on their platform during 2017.

Some topics are consistently popular such as leadership, management and sales.  However, 2017 saw a spike in content shared around entrepreneurship and start-ups.  A sure sign that the gig economy is well underway.  

Retail was a popular industry.  AI and Cloud were popular technologies.  

However, what I found most interesting from this report was the rise of professional development as a topic.  People clearly want to learn from others making LinkedIn a platform not just for sharing articles to networks but writing content that helps our networks.

People are noticeably engaging with more day-to-day life content rather than just strictly work related content.  Members want human stories that resonate and reach out to them emotionally.  They want to learn from experiences.

Employee generated content will have an increasingly important role to play when it comes to mastering LinkedIn for B2B reach.  Enabling your employees to be confidently authentic rather than robotic re-sharers is key.