'Word of Mouth' marketing has always been an incredibly powerful tool and what's interesting is observing how digital transformation has amplified its potential to communicate positive (and negative!) feedback. Nowadays, word of mouth can not only be spread verbally, but also digitally.

The buyer journey today is vastly different as due to the huge amount of information online, buyers are educated and well-informed about products and services before they even talk to a vendor. Digital content plays a critical role in building interest in your brand and driving encouraging positive word of mouth should be a pivotal part of your strategy.

Buyers tap into multiple websites and social media platforms, often reading reviews and ratings which influence their perception of your brand and likelihood to purchase. 

Statistics such as these demonstrate exactly why we should be focusing on developing positive word of mouth marketing:

  • 74% of customers consider word of mouth to be the key influencer in their purchasing decisions
  • 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than they do advertising 

So, as we can see, word of mouth is a valuable source of marketing; it grows organically, provides authentic content and is a credible of information about your brand.

This post written by Bambu by Sprout Social is an excellent source of practical advice for building your word of mouth marketing strategy.