Elon Musk is trending once again after deleting his Tesla and SpaceX Facebook Pages after getting prompted by a Twitter Follower and WhatsApp's founder to do so - losing a combined following of just of 5 million followers.

This follows the latest reports showing the black-hat data-gathering tactics used by Cambridge Analytica to retarget Facebook users to sway the election vote.

“It is actually stunning to think, with the clarity that perspective brings, that you could stand up the kind of ridiculous quiz or survey that they did and then walk away with psychographic profiles on 50 million Americans,” - The Verge.com

In January, Facebook has made it extremely clear that the platform will be based around personal conversations and building social interactions between others - laying importance on taking an employee advocacy approach to increasing your brand loyalty and reach

And since this data scandal, we can expect users to have reduced trust in paid advertising and put their trust into hearing recommendations from review sites and family and friends when making a buying decision online.