Whilst email is still considered a valuable way to reach prospects and customers in the B2B market, it is becoming increasingly challenging to make content stand out amongst all the other emails. 

More and more people read their emails on a mobile device and whilst many mails are customised for mobiles, it is easier to ignore them and people are less likely to save them for reading later on. Emails still generate a healthy average of 25% open rate, but LinkedIn's InMail is now proving to be a more effective and reliable method for initiating online conversations.

These direct deliveries on LinkedIn InMail achieve a staggering 300% response rate higher than emails with the exact same content! Consequently, InMail is gaining popularity as a way to reach customers, prospects, and peers. You can also customise your mail to address the specific expectations of your target audience. 

It is of course essential to know how to craft an InMail to improve the odds of it being noticed and receive a reply (just like with a marketing email).

This excellent guide from LinkedIn provides best practices for using InMail and is a valuable guide for social sellers. Using InMail does mean paying for a Premium account, but with a 300% higher response rate than traditional emails I think it's worth the investment!