I first heard about the new social media app, Vero until my friends started sharing on Facebook that they have joined and encouraged me to join too.

According to Google Trends, Vero’s popularity has been pretty steady over the last year and seen a huge increase in popularity around the time the Facebook data breach became big news. 

The app grown in popularity from the top 1500 on the App Store, to #566, and finally #1 over the course of a couple of days.

Leading with the message of “more social, less media”, Vero provides an ad-free and natural experience where you become friends with people you know & people who like your content are able 'follow'.

No one can predict the longevity of Vero - but the quick success can teach us a few things about how users value social media to create a social media strategy that establishes loyalty:

  • Users want authentic, real-life connections dubbed as 'Smarter Connecting' (less spam)
  • Users trust recommendations from friends and family
  • Users want to be inspired and supported 
  • Users care about how their data is used