If you are sold to too soon - it is not a great experience and if you receive an irrelevant special offer - it can make you run away! 

Supported by AI, we can now share personalised content that stops us from losing anyone along the way!

AI can determine where your prospect or client is in your sales funnel by monitoring patterns of behaviour and of clients or leads you have to gauge what next action is needed at different stages of the sales funnel:

Awareness stage - sharing high value, helpful content and product information.

Consideration stage - sharing personalised content on the topic and product.

Decision stage - personalised offers at the time AI predicts a prospect to be 'ready'.

When this is combined with the ability to create personalised content, optimise coupons, special offers, listening to news, trends - this can be powerful for predicting the 'right time' when a prospect may consider becoming a customer. 

Making a more pleasant experience for the user and putting less pressure on sales and marketing team to act too soon or too late.