I'm sure you've all heard about the importance of adopting an inbound marketing approach today; that the buyer journey has changed and that outbound marketing is now considered to be rather old hat.

Well, it's all true. Marketing has changed beyond all recognition as it has had to adapt to the impact of digital disruption. Buyers don't even need to talk to a vendor before they make up their mind about a product or service as all the information they need is available online.

Adopting an entirely new inbound marketing approach may sound daunting, but the reality is that it's highly effective and wait for it..cheaper (well, generates higher ROI anyway)! We don't have to pay for expensive prospect lists or mass direct mail blasts anymore, just focus your time on producing great content and ensure it's available on the right channels (well that's a great starting point anyway!).

The inbound approach and benefits also apply to sales and having a social media presence has become a vital part of sales today. Social selling using LinkedIn is a very hot topic as people realise what an excellent tool it is for generating inbound sales.  Having an active LinkedIn profile is invaluable for forging relationships online, building trust and your personal/ professional brand.

As this post by LinkedIn mentions, "Sellers are experiencing tremendous success through this approach, which enables them to cut down on time and rejection with prospecting.

This is an excellent post which demystifies inbound marketing and gives a useful 3 point guide to 'Boosting Your Inbound Sales Success on LinkedIn'. Read it!