As soon as the number of employees in a business exceeds 10-20 people, you are likely to start experiencing what is known as internal influencers. These are the employees, who the other employees lean on, listen to and are heavily influenced by on a day to day basis.

Often these internal influencers are not part of the top management group. They are team leaders or perhaps project supervisors, but their influence in the company cannot be ignored.

Why is it so important that your influencers are happy? It's simple really, because if they're unhappy, others will most likely become unhappy too due to their influence within the company. This is something you want to avoid at all costs, especially as it's often not a conscious influence.

In tackling the unhappiness of your influencers, it's also a great opportunity to solve key issues within your business and get in touch with what your employees needs are. 

Why not find out who your internal influencers are and get talking to them today?