Organisations face the challenging task today of developing an inbound approach to marketing and sales to adapt to the new buyer journey as a result of digital transformation. Around 75% of buyers now use social media to be informed about vendors and even in the B2B space, buyers are using social media to help guide their purchasing decisions.

Sales reps who use social media as part of their sales techniques outsell a massive 78% of their basically if your organisation isn't socially engaged, it should be!

The overwhelming evidence that social media plays a key role in driving success through inbound marketing means that we've all had to adapt our strategies and tactics to meet this change head-on. 

Our next challenge is to adapt once more to ensure we are all GDPR compliant as of the 25th May. The new legislation affects all organisations of all sizes, from global corporations to local businesses. The requirements will clearly have a large impact on our digital marketing. 

Understanding exactly how and what we need to change to be compliant can be a minefield, but this post by Smarp has a valuable FAQ to guide you through best practices in social media to ensure you get it right.