A 2016 Gallup study revealed that just 27 percent of employees in the US actually believe in the values of the companies they work for. 

Gallup also noted a significant gap between desired cultures and actual cultures --  Gallup found that 'this gap' did not exist in the most successful companies. 

What is interesting, successful companies didn't see culture, goals, values, or workplace policies as part of unconnected mission statements or as standalone initiatives, but as integrated factors in defining and realising shared purpose.

I can immediately think back to two companies I have previously worked for - one had no clear purpose communicated in the workplace (the office was not a great place to be) and one was fixed on making the most money as possible (which no one in the office seemed to be deeply motivated by as no one was paid commission on top of their salary). 

When I compare these two companies to the culture at Tribal Impact where the focus is on making an impact, building genuine relationships with our network and extending our tribes - everything seems to flow and as a team member, I feel 'connected'.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences on purpose in business.