The number of organisations implementing Employee Advocacy programs, or planning to is constantly increasing. The clear benefits of employees sharing valuable company content has been proven to help organisations differentiate, establish a digital presence and expand reach exponentially. 

The latest statistics show that if a mere 3% of employees share company content, these shares are responsible for driving a 30% increase in the the total engagement their company sees on social media (pretty impressive!).

Just to add to the impressive case for employee advocacy, check these stats out....

  • A 12% increase in brand advocacy generates 2x increase in revenue growth. [Source]
  • Socially engaged companies are 57% more likely to get a 58% increase in leads. [Source]
  • Socially engaged companies are 58% more likely to attract top talent

So picture the scene; your company has bought into the idea of employee advocacy, invested valuable budget into implementing a program and your key stakeholders are keen for demonstrable business results. 

Then the main stumbling block appears - how do you ensure that your employee advocacy program is adopted throughout the organisation? How can you convince employees that this is a great opportunity for both the company and their own personal brand?

PostBeyond discuss how to overcome these stumbling blocks by laying the foundation down with six best practices before launching employee advocacy. This will help communicate why it's important, how it will benefit them, and then how they will be rewarded for their participation. I thoroughly recommend a read!