One of the main motivations for my transition from commuting employee to work from home was the 4 hour daily commute - although I was productive in working on my side hustle during that time - I had zero work life balance and dreaded Mondays. 

I now LOVE Mondays, at Tribal Impact we have our team call or 1:1 meetings over - we have recently started sharing our intentions for the week, sharing what support we need and what we are grateful for.

I am not alone in feeling the benefit, one 2-year long study on 500 employees who swapped office working to working from home experienced huge benefits for the business and also the employee. Here is what they found:

  • Productivity increased to the equivalent to a full day's work
  • Employees worked a true full shift (or more) as people decreased the amount of times they left work early
  • The company saved just under $2000 per employee by reducing the amount of office space.
  • Employee attrition decreased  by 50 percent, employee took shorter breaks, had fewer sick days and of course, reduced carbon emissions by missing the morning and afternoon commute