If you want to establish a good reputation online, increase your credibility and build a larger audience of people who get you - sharing content on social media and onto your blog can help you do that.

LinkedIn Pulse is beneficial as it takes social media content a step further with a aggregated news feed where members can share their content to their following.

What's more - LinkedIn tailors content to the each individual - meaning your content will appear in feeds who are interested in what you are sharing.

1. You can track analytics on how well your content is performing.

When you track your content performance really well - you can see the locations, traffic sources (for eg, Google or LinkedIN Pulse), job titles and industries.

2. Increase your brand visibility

Connections are notified every time you publish a post, as your Pulse Post is public you can increase your search engine visibility. 

3. Engage with ideal clients through useful content

By creating high-quality content, you can help your following engage with you and learn more from you positioning you as a thought leader.

LinkedIn have found that 62% of members says that they engage with content because it is informative or educational. 61% say they engage with content that is relevant to them - showing the importance creating content that provide solutions for your audiences' pain points.