I've just read this insightful piece on HBR about a research study that showed whilst your social media savvy employees are often more motivated and engaged, they are also more likely to leave the organisation.

Alarm bells for people managers, right?

Well, I think this exposes the risk of misunderstanding what it really takes to drive a Social Business culture.  

Employee Advocacy is not a tool.  I say it all the time.  It's more than that.  Culture change.  Behaviour change.  It's a chance to evaluate your brand voice and make it more human and authentic through the voice of your employees.  

Then you recognise those that are driving influence on behalf of the brand.  You showcase and support their efforts.  

You help promote THEIR content (not the other way around).  You build a brand based on thought leadership and expert knowledge - especially important in the services industry.  

When you train, support and amplify the voice of your employees you turn this threat into an opportunity.  

You also shift your culture to one that is expert led.  Trusted.  Value driven.  Credible.