In the business world you may have heard the phrase, 'Share your story, share your story' over and over again. But, what does sharing your story entail? And, why is it an effective marketing tool? 

Science now shows that storytelling in your content is way more powerful than you might think - and it makes your marketing way more effective in the long run. 

In one study, a team discovered that storytelling led to great levels of empathy in the audience. 

The first substance, cortisol, allowed their subjects to focus their attention to a much greater degree.

From there, heightened levels of oxytocin brought out greater levels of empathy with the storyteller.

And as a result of these two increased substances, the test subjects were much more willing to donate to be a part of a cause.

In short, they were able to change human behavior by affecting their subject’s brain chemistry with storytelling.

And when you look into some of the subsequent studies on storytelling, the results shouldn’t surprise you.

A staggering 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story.

More than half say that a brand's values are just as important as their product. 

60% of your audience want to know what you stand for.

So by creating a compelling story that will resonate with your audience, first, you can expect great things to start happening with your marketing.

"In this report, focusing on storytelling gave the brand a 92% lift in site visits and increased their purchase rate by three to five times their previous amount.

By simply incorporating storytelling into their marketing efforts, they were able to find new customers and keep old customers returning."

What story are your sharing to position your brand to your customers?