Repurposing content means taking an existing piece of content (blog, video, email etc) and 'repurposing' or 'recycling' it into another piece of content for a new audience. 

Think of all of the content you see in the digital world - social media posts, videos, graphics, infographics, live streams, guest posts, ebook... there's masses of content types. This is main reason why you should repurpose your content. 

Not everyone likes reading blogs - they may favour videos, listening to audios and visual infographics.

Not everyone likes videos - they want to read something.

Repurposing content and content marketing is about getting as many eyes on it as possible. 

How are you targeting your ideal client so far? Just social media? Think about how you can repurpose the content you already have to get it in front of more eyes, attract more prospects and retain more customers.

Take a look at this full article by Kissmetrics to find out more benefits of repurposing your content.