Although it has been a challenge and a 'mad rush' for all of us entrepreneurs, marketers, data protectors and consumers to get a handle on GDPR and ensure we understand and are fully compliant. GDPR is a great step forward for how businesses communicate with their customers.

Consumers can now see that their data may be used for retargeting advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google.

When signing up to a mailing list or downloading free material - we share our consent to what we are subscribing for. 

I am very grateful that businesses who previously purchased email lists or traded contacts with other parties will now face a huge fine for doing so. For most of us - we would not take that approach as we know - clients only work or buy from us when they have a meaningful relationship with us and are educated in what we do. 

I'm looking forward to seeing how the future of inbound marketing transforms how we attract and connect with our clients!