When speaking to anyone, whether it be a talk you're giving, a conversation with a friend or communicating online via your social media accounts, the key thing to remember is to adapt what you're saying to the people who are listening.

Adapting your conversation to the right level and tone, helps the person you're communicating to understand your message more easily. 

Really this is one of the fundamentals of communication but the goal isn't to fill up space with your talk, or for you to speak endlessly to a friend, nor it is for you to share about the same thing to all your social media accounts about your topic. It's more about focusing on who you are communicating with and what you want them to understand after speaking to them.

So the next time you think about your upcoming weekly content, why not consider who is your audience? What do you want them to understand and do you have anything that suits their needs? 

Then adjust your content accordingly and start talking!