Search engine use is now changing thanks to the rise in AI-powered voice search.

AI will be more knowledgeable on your website use so will be able to bring up more relevant content to their likes and dislikes which is good for the consumer. But also great for brands as your content will be more likely to show up time and time again in results.

So how do you make sure you're creating content that is aligned to AI-enhanced search? 

Forester at Yext recommends to look at your 'content and its context', here are his recommendations:

  1. Write in a factual but conversational tone
  2. Use long-tail, conversational phrases for your blog posts keywords
  3. Answer lots of questions in your content - even rare, uncommon questions

We have discovered that these recommendations are relevant now in our blog and SEO strategy - so as you are evolving your content for AI - you could start by adapting your older content to hit these benchmarks so you stay ahead of the game.

If you would like to start business blogging as a part of your B2B marketing plan, read more about the benefits of blogging here.