Bots are now writing blog posts - they may not be great blog posts but they are out there. But what is working in the AI powered content world is - ensuring your content is quality, meets your objectives and will enhance user experience.

AI-powered tools such as Atomic Reach can now examine trends online to tell you what each of our readers want to read. AI can now tell your readers what to read based on their behaviour and data available online. Wow!

As you may already know, it does not feel great to feel sold to too early. The beauty of the inbound content marketing process is that we create content for each stage of the buyers journey. From brand awareness to consideration to making the decision to buy. It will be interesting to see how the support of AI-powered tools can help that better for the ideal client and improve ROI in the business too. 

Blogging for business is a great way to share content with your ideal client that solves their problems and also bring traffic to your website. Read more about the benefits of blogging here.