Working for Tribal Impact and delivering employee advocacy means that I spend a lot of time on social media and yes, I absolutely should. 

However, as we all know it's all too easy to get lost down a rabbit hole and not achieve what you had set out to do.  Whilst down that rabbit hole however, I do come across some great articles like this from @socialmedia2day, that share their tips on how to manage it.. ironic I know.

On a serious note, one of the most common concerns raised by our clients on getting involved in social media is how long it will take them.  For most people, we believe this is no more than 10/15 mins a day and have our own 'coffee cup routine' that we encourage them to adopt which I've shared below:

  • Check LI and Twitter feeds and engage with 3 posts from your community
  • Locate 1 interesting industry related article, write a short commentary and share to your feeds
  • Make 3 new connections

It really is that simple and quick to work on your personal branding and build your networks.