I love this analogy from Wells Fargo, explaining how the company regularly compiles content into a playlist of articles that employees (the DJs) can mix up and share out as they want. 

What we have here is an advocacy program clearly driven by clear goals.  They needed to change brand perception to attract top talent.  The did this by using curated and created content in their employee advocacy platform, Elevate.  

It reminds me of the guest post we received on our blog about building a pipeline of talent in the way you build a pipeline of revenue.  

In this article, Delta shares a similar experience.  Via advocacy programs they were measuring the impact on recruitment looking at applicant flow rate, number of hires and cost of hire.  

Advocacy will only be successful when you have an objective in mind.  Are you trying to increase traffic to your site, lead conversion, inbound enquiries, meeting success rates, applicant flow, cost of hire, employee engagement index.  

By attributing advocacy outcomes to existing metrics you're already measuring, you'll be able to monitor the impact across the business.