I love this post from Tribal member Vanessa.  After years of experience within the channel she knows exactly the challenges that channel partners face when it comes to marketing:

  • Limited budget
  • Low resource
  • MDF pots of budget not sizeable enough for a campaign
  • Expectation of instant results

As Vanessa states, random acts of MDF spending won't work anymore.  I remember my years working for a small IBM VAR where we'd have £5K to invest in a campaign.  We'd buy a list, hire a telemarketing firm and hit the phones for 2-3 weeks.  I'll say one word:


Guess what?  That doesn't work anymore.  Data protection has stopped all unsolicited forms of contact - whether e-mail, phone etc.

It's more important than ever that vendors encourage their partner eco-system to spend the MDF wisely - on activities that will support long-term growth via Inbound Marketing.  Not short term wins that most likely won't convert.