A big part of Social Selling is about moving up the funnel and engaging with buyers that may not yet have a buying need or indeed are researching their buying need.  

I often liken this to sales moving up into marketing territory where traditionally they would be sourcing leads to hand over to sales.  Similarly, marketing are moving into sales territory, crafting content and measuring their impact on pipeline acceleration.

The truth is that in an inbound driven world where we have to attract rather that interrupt the buyer, we need to focus both sales and marketing on the same goal - revenue.  

I find that during Social Selling workshops we deliver, the temptation to jump in and engage with the buyer is just too much for some people.  They looked at my profile - shall I connect?  They liked my content - shall I connect?

There are engagement triggers that you need to watch in order to connect but it needs to be done with consideration and caution.  Social selling is about holding back to some extent.  Adding value. The moment you start "selling" is the moment you start pushing your buyer away.