Inbound marketing is without doubt a successful strategy and companies adopting this approach, including ourselves at Tribal Impact, are seeing great results.  So much so, that at Tribal, we don't have anyone classified as 'Sales' and we don't chase targets.

For all the great things that Inbound delivers (and here's some stats to back it up) , is there something missing at the start of the funnel because whilst we may not chase sales at Tribal, growth and managing the bottom line, is important to any business.

Which is why I like the question this article raises  - are we really happy that the average conversion rate at the 'Attract' stage is only 5.5%?  It's a good point that whilst we may be great at attracting customers, are they the right customers?

Buyer personas should mean that you really understand your customer and that we can also target these buyers much more actively.  Whilst traditional outbound marketing methods may not be seen as effective as inbound methods, perhaps it's time we rethink that strategy and just like Sales & Marketing need to align, we need to join up our inbound and outbound strategy to truly maximise our results.

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