It's too often true that Sales & Marketing set their strategies and indeed, their commercial metrics, separately.  It's not surprising therefore, that these departments are not joined up in achieving company goals.

Following research with B2B Sales teams, the article below highlights the dangers of that approach and the quote highlighted is a typical response from Sales.

It got me thinking however, that this is the perfect example of why companies should be adopting social selling.  When you are only talking to the customer about price then you're in the conversation far too late and are in reality just 'spreadsheet fodder'.

It's never been more important for Sales and Marketing to be aligning on their customer strategy, working out together what problems the customer is facing and how they can help.  

They've got to be 'in the conversation' when the buyer starts their journey by having the right content available at the right time.   When 74% of buyers choose the company that was the FIRST to add value, they really can't afford not to.