Recently a Tribe member and I were discussing the merits of protecting our weekends as no-work zones.

As a remote based company, Tribal encourages us to adopt a flexible work/life balance, which allows us to adapt our lives and work around one around. However this freedom comes a price, which is a greater responsibility to yourself to protect what you need.

One of the main reasons I find myself working on a weekend is because some of my week days have been taken up with other activities, such as travel or personal meetings. I try to counterbalance these times by working early mornings, and later nights but more often than not it's the weekend where I can get enough time back.

My colleague did encourage me to try to switch off on a weekend, and I admit in recent months I've tried harder to complete my projects during the 5 day Monday-Friday period. Leaving the traditional weekend slot for  personal projects. However I hadn't taken a conscious choice on this.

So my learning today was in a company which encourages you to flexible, it's important to create your own boundaries to maximise your work output and get your much needed down time. Mine starts this weekend.