According to a recent study by Sprout Social, 71% of marketers use employees as influencers today or want to in the future but only 19% of them had budget to do so.  Which begs the do you encourage employees to 'get social' when you don't have a budget?

It seems that many marketers are finding themselves int this situation but all is not lost.  There are many things that can be done in advance of buying an employee advocacy tool, namely:

- Set your objectives

- Decide on your key stakeholders

- Allocate an exec sponsor

- Seek out your existing social advocates

- Identify those that want to advocate (we use our quiz for this)

- Build a plan (includes purchasing an advocacy tool)

The key benefit of using an advocacy tool is the tracking ability that sits behind.  The "please can you copy and paste to LinkedIn" emails are time consuming - both for those that create them and those that receive them.

Advocacy tools streamline the process and provide the data you need at the back end to prove it's impact on the business.  

So, yes you will need budget but don't shelve advocacy because you don't have budget today.  Run a pilot, try it out and prove the business case for investment.