I'm a big fan of Richard Branson, as I'm sure are many.  

We all know he's a very successful businessman but he's also had a few failures along the way and he talks about these openly, believing it is those failures that has ensured his future successes.  

What I really admire about him though is his belief in people and how he loves to support his team (and his family) to be the best they can.

Working in a remote team, I've come to think this is even more important as you have to completely trust your team to do what is needed to be done; in return those team members need to be self-motivated and disciplined.  Although being in an office does not guarantee better productivity, many businesses and leaders still feel more comfortable seeing people at their desks.  

Remote teams also need to find a way to communicate effectively;  not just on work matters but also to get to know one another; after all, there's no grabbing a coffee with a colleague when you're on your own.  This is something we've been talking about at Tribal recently and whilst we regularly use a chat tool on work matters, we're about to start a 'water cooler' chat where we can just drop in to catch up with one another.

There are no ends of apps and tools that are available for remote teams and although I embrace technology (mostly!), what's really important to remember is that it's the people and your 'tribe' that matters.