If you want to enable your employees to develop their voice on social media to power your advocacy programmes, first you need to understand their starting point and their motivations.

When I first started Tribal Impact, I developed a model that we've used with every organisation we work with.  It explains employee social media maturity - where they start and how they progress.

We took this a step further a couple of years ago and created a quiz that allows employees to map where they feature on the model.  Here's a link to the free version to try it for yourself!

It's so important to understand where your employees are starting from so you can tailor training to their needs.  All employees cannot be treated the same.  

It's important to understand employee roles within the organisation.  Social Sellers will sit in the centre or right hand side.  Leaders should be towards the right.  General employees can sit anywhere.

The objective of this model is not to get everyone in your company to Influencer - creating content takes time and is an investment.  The objective is support your employees on their social media learning journey.  To build their confidence and knowledge as far as they choose to go.

There is another stage to this model that I will sketch out later so watch this space :-)